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December 21, 2023


I'm back home and I'm not UNhappy to be here. I'm UNhappy to be away from my partner and I'm UNhappy to be away from my cats, but I'm HAPPY to be in my room I guess and around some of my old things. I am so fasicnated by my dads rennovation of my room. Did they find weed trash? I guess not because I haven't heard anything and they would've said something. I guess I have some excuses lined up for what they could have found. I came across so much cute old clothing I forgot about and I'm so excited for the outfits I'm going to pull this break. I have a lot of ideas. I got new shoes yesterday, also and they barely fit? I don't know what was up with that.
Also yesterday I was on a plane which i fucking hate. I hate planes, I hate airports, and the whole thing, so it was just a nightmare. I am glad to be somewhere I'll be for a while and I can relax a little. I know the airport will be crazy on my way home, though, and I'm nervous about it. I'm also nervous because my mom intends to force me to give up my room for these kids and I can't do that. When I was a kid, I had to sleep in a pile with all the other kids. It's a rite of passage. PUT EM IN THE LIVING ROOM! they dont live here. I am aware my room is rather large, but I think it's different because I have sensory issues and need my space.
Speaking of that. My therapist reccomended I get diangosed with autism as an adult. I agree, but it was affirming to hear it from another body. I think I will try to, but it's definitely a matter of my parents.